Is Homeschooling Beneficial Students?

I have been a homeschooler for all 16 years of my life, so my opinion is slightly biased, though my parents were in public school, and after they observed it for their entire education they decided that homeschooling would be better for us. I am going to give some needs on what makes a good … Continue reading Is Homeschooling Beneficial Students?

Should cities provide free wifi?

There are many arguments for either side of this debate, and I will go through my thoughts, on whether cities should provide free public wifi. I think that they shouldn't, and I have several reasons, but first I would like to set the scene on what free public wifi would be like. Firstly, a single … Continue reading Should cities provide free wifi?

The reasons why the place I live is the best in the world.

I already posted the first part of this series on persuasive writing, so if you haven't seen it yet, read this first. I am supposed to now give you the reasons that make any city or place the best in the world, and then explain how the place I live is the best. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- To … Continue reading The reasons why the place I live is the best in the world.

Another Hamburgers Vs Hot dogs.

Writing Assignment:¬†Your assignment for today is to write an introductory paragraph that will grab your reader's attention. Use an imaginative opening statement. Topic: Why hamburgers are better than hot dogs. Picture a checkered picnic cloth, on the ground in a clearing. There is nobody there, and on the cloth, you see two plates, and nothing … Continue reading Another Hamburgers Vs Hot dogs.

Are Hamburgers The World’s Favourite Food?

This is a post on practicing attention-grabbing sentences, so if you clicked on it based on the title, then I am off to a great start. This one is on hotdogs. vs. hamburgers. I am arguing for hamburgers. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- What makes food delicious. Is it the quality of food? Is it the seasoning that a … Continue reading Are Hamburgers The World’s Favourite Food?