What’s your favourite school subject?

Lesson 3

My favourite school subject is (without a doubt) English. I have always loved reading and have often read for hours straight.  I don’t find English a gruelling task that I have to do everyday without relief or mercy, but a fun, enjoyable task that often takes me into another world and spits me out a little different and a little better.

Writing is very similar but not all the same.  I enjoy writing but find it hard to get motivated.  I have been working on a novel for a year or two, and have found it hard to write more than a few lines a week.  I have always loved creating my own stories and have started a few different plots and ideas, hoping to get onto some idea that will stick and unfold into something that will be worth reading.  I have only been committed to one story though, and have loved it from beginning to wherever I am at.

Another thing that has made me enjoy English is Shakespeare, I have read one or two of his plays and found them very interesting, even though the language is so much different from todays (especially for a 14 year old boy).  I have also been in two Shakespeare plays that have helped me understand the way he writes and talks.  The plays were “Romeo & Juliet” (I was a Page), and “Macbeth” or the “Scottish play” (I was Young Macduff) at The Stratford Festival.

Acting has helped me with so many things related to this subject: how to write, how to memorize monologs, and how to keep notes.  But the thing that has helped me the most is Home Schooling.  It is hard to explain why but I will try my best.  You learn things more from experience rather than someone explaining it to you.  For example, I play outside a lot so I know how to travel quickly and efficiently over ground with a lot of large rocks and sticks, and even through the trees.  And that is a skill someone can’t teach you verbally.  They have to give you an example, or you learn from trial and error.

Another thing reading Shakespeare and other good books like Lord Of The Rings, Les Miserables, Pillars of the Earth and so on and so forth, has helped immensely with, is my vocabulary.  I took a test once and it said (Much to my happiness) that I had a Grade 10 vocabulary.

So, as you can see a my favourite subject is English.  And I hope, that if there are any fourteen year olds like myself, they find English the same.

By, Oliver Neudorf.

And if you like what I have to say about books, and you want to know what books I find good.  I will be starting a Book Review on my Youtube Channel, Oliver Neudorf, there you can also see some other videos about me and what I do.

My main website for work is: www.oliverneudorf.com but I am going to keep up this blog for homeschooling and my writing.

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