What is my favourite hobby or pastime?

Lesson 2

My favourite hobby is probably making things, even if it is something completely random or something I have put a lot of work into I have always loved the process of creating something.

It all started when I was a young boy, I had always loved making things out of old cardboard boxes and any other things I could find lying around.

And when I got older I started getting into more complicated things like Arduino and other electrical gadgets.  I had bought some little motors and batteries, and was always trying to think of more things I could put them on.  I made little cars with them that usually just spun around in circles but they were a lot of fun.  Yup, between hot-glue, cardboard and just about anything you might find lying around I would find hours of fun.

Most recently I had gotten into sword fighting and (of course) I tried to make one, it turned out pretty well.  It was made out of an old golf club with the head broken off.  I started it off by sewing a leather handle grip and then made the crossgaurd with an old tap and die set, and then the pommel was an overly large square nut with a long bolt hammered into the end.  And to top it all off I also made a scabbard.  I bought some aluminum chimney pipe and my dad bent it into the right shape and then I sewed leather onto it and it was complete.

But my favourite project is a three wheeled bike.  I got it for free from one of my neighbours.  Most of it was in pieces so I had to put it together but it was fun.  There was no chain with it so I had to get one made, which was hard because it was overly large.  But after all that it was ready to ride.  It isn’t the safest contraption in the world but it is the most fun.  And I didn’t stop there, after that my sister Louisa and I made a seat for the back out of some old boards and I gave it a taxi-like paint job.  Then I attached a massive flashlight to the front and an umbrella to the back-seat with a portable radio.  After that it was finally complete.

Some of my other hobbies include Rubix Cube.   I love solving it and have played with it for a couple of years now.  When I first learned it it would take me four to five minutes (which compered to most, isn’t half so bad) but after practicing for a year or two I got much quicker.  After five years of practice I can now solve it in just over a minute.  My record is 45 seconds.

One of my other favourite hobbies is something called Diabolo (or Chinese Yoyo) .  It is an hour-glass shaped object that has a rubber frame and a metal centre.  You have to get it spinning so that you can balance it on a string attached to the stick handles on either end and then you can do tricks like throwing it in to the air and catching it.

So there you have it!  I have plenty to keep me busy and I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

2 thoughts on “What is my favourite hobby or pastime?

  1. Whoa cool! Your balance on that slack-line is pretty good (I would probably fall off immediately 😂).
    How long have you been in homeschool? I have been homeschooled since 4th Grade, but I only started RPC last September. I am going into 9th Grade.
    -Rose E


    1. Haha. Thanks. after a while you get pretty good at it. I have been homeschooled my entire life. I have never even stepped in a classroom.
      I started RPC last month and i’m doing Gr 8 english, science end Personal Finance, but for History i’m doing Gr 6 because I have never done it before.


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