Tower of Babel Project

Lesson 5

You live during the time of the Tower of Babel, when God confused all of people by changing their languages. You have found a group of people that speak the same new language that you speak. Now you and your group are ready to move.  Where would you choose to go?

Let me tell you in a story as how I would imagine it:

I am working in a carpentry shop slowly whittling away at a piece of wood that is going to be a mallet for a stone mason working on the Tower of Babel.  I have been working in the hot sun every day for the past year since the beginning of construction. I have a brother that is working in the fields making straw for the bricks, I have a mother-in-law and wife Abijah making bread for the workers and taking care of our six month old baby girl, I have a father and an uncle both carrying bricks up the tower for the masons to lay, and I am making tools and carts for hundreds of people working on this tower.

My name is Cabul and I live in Shinar, and it’s just another day in this hard life.

“Hey.  Cabul I need you to mend another cart wheel as soon as you can.”  Said a tall, tanned man named Hanan, he is the master carpenter.

I put down my tools and walked over to the entrance of the small carpentry shack and looked out at the tower slowly rising inch by inch and foot by foot every day.  The carpentry shack was a wooden building with a straw roof and not much else other than that — unless you count five sweaty men, a bench in the corner and some mallets and chisels on the workbench.

Everyday I finish my work, go home for the night and dream of moving somewhere else away from this mountainous pile of bricks to something better and greener.  And then in the morning I go off to work early to get there before the other carpenters do to organize my tools and my station.

The head carpenter walks in and says something to me I don’t under stand I ignore it and go along with my business.

“Ahgnar Kaluhgva Telhia.” said Hanan again

“Excuse me? what did you said.”



“jhdd aeqye jyszo jhccv  oiljm dzrv bchjs wytwbd.”

“I really don’t know what you are saying it just sounds like gibberish.”

” hfliu khtdtd ghddsjg djgc tr jgfd joiur ak tt kfhvgvbn djft fgf keyd ykuvte. ajkxtc jkhcgyf khcd hjsctterai qlctvfnz, dkdh kjdtwo kcbz, ikdje uy. kcc kdcgd jckej iuu,”

Now he was starting to get angry, he pointed at me with his face getting red.  Just than another carpenter walked in and started talking gibberish too.  He paused and stared at us, and then started talking again, we stared at each other and then back at him.  We all started talking at once no one understanding what the other was saying.  The head carpenter walked up to the other man and started shouting right in his face, the other man stood up to him and shouted back.  They both got angrier and angrier and soon were both throwing punches at the other.

I ran outside to get out of this confusion and walked up to another man walking along the cart-trail and asked him if he knew what the two people in the carpenter shop were saying.  He just looked at me for a sec then continued walking.  I walked up to several more people and they just spoke gibberish to me.  Just then my brother came running up to me shouting.

“Cabul, Cabul, what is going on I don’t know what anybody’s saying.  Please answer me.”

“Oh good, I can understand what you are saying.”  After that we walked up to countless people and tried to talk to them.  Some answered us and they continued on with us.  Eventually we made it to my house and found my wife and (to my great relief) she understood us, and my mother-in-law understood us as well.

So me, my wife and daughter, my father and brother, and fifteen or so others all understood each other and decided we would leave and go North and West up to Europe since it was crazy in Shinar.  I always wanted to travel anyway.

So we did, and we lived happily ever after.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. 

The Tower of Babel.

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