Summer Break

Lesson 1

I have been homeschooled my entire life so we never really do Summer Break.  Also every summer for the last 5 years I have been able to work in theatre so that has kept me close to home and very busy.

The favourite thing I got to do on a short summer break was a camping trip with my Dad for a few days.  We went up to a KOA in Niagara on the Lake and did all sort of things. 

We went fishing, saw some gorgeous wineries, went go-karting, cooked our own food on the campfire and had fun throwing knives at a tree.  We also went to my favourite store in the whole wide world, Bass Pro Shop.  I bought a beautiful recurve bow and some arrows like the one you see at the top of the page.  To top it all off we drove there in a Nissan 350z and it was great.

When we were buying the bow there were multiple different weights for the bows: 35, 30, and 25 pounds.  I was looking at the 35 pound bow and we asked an employee at the store if I would be strong enough to pull the bow back.  He said, “Probably not.”  But we decided to try it in a shooting range in the back anyway.  He thought I wouldn’t be able to control the bow and hold it steady because of the poundage.  He handed me the preset bow of 36 pounds and I went and hit the edge of the target.  He looked and said, “Yeah, you can handle it.”  I was so proud and happy that I was able to prove him wrong and so was my Dad.

Other fun things we do in the summer include swimming in our pool.  Last summer we loved going to my sister’s baseball games.  I sold snacks and made some money.  I have a big three wheeled bike and I attached a cooler to the back and sold chocolate covered almonds and peanuts.  So many families bought from me!  It was fun.

I also play in the gully.  It is a little wooded area at the end of our street where we build forts, make baskets out of willow wands, and go fishing in Catfish Creek where there aren’t any catfish, just the occasional carp.  We spend a lot of time down there and have slowly built up the area for seven years.  There used to be a lot more forts down there but the town put in a drain so they had to tare a lot of it up.  You have to watch out for stinging nettles.

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In the summer I also bike and scooter around the block hundreds of times.

You probably guessed archery is one of my favourite things.  At the archery club it’s $3 to get in.  There is a rack at the end of a shooting range that has “birdies” that you have to hit off the rack.  Depending on the difficulty of the placement of the birdie and how many people are there that day you could win money!  Small birds = $1, side birds = $2, colourful birds = $3, and high birds = are from $4-$5.  

I do so many fun activities in the summer and I hope you have a great summer as well.

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