Three Things I Can Change to Use Time Better

Lesson 10

It is important to organize your time.  You might need to get something done or get somewhere on time. Organizing time can be the difference between success and failure. Here are three things I can do to use time better.


Keep a calendar. A calendar can help me to remember things that I’ve planned in advance. If I use an online calendar I can even set reminders for events. Youth is coming up and I don’t want to miss it again.


Make a list. I have a daily goal tracker. It lists everything I need to do each day and so I won’t waste time procrastinating. (Or at least we hope!) Also I give myself a reward for completing my list. Mine is just to be left alone for at least half an hour without my Mom telling me what I have left to do.


Start my day off with a task. If I accomplish something it puts me in the mindset to get things done. I already feel proud of myself for doing something productive and I always work more efficiently. I like to make my bed and then have breakfast.

If I can manage to keep a calendar, check off my list, and start my day off with a clean room and a good breakfast I will be well on my way to success. And I’ll get way more things done every day.

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