My Astronomy

Lesson 105

Over the last week I have read some very interesting articles on Astronomy. Mainly on theories about how the world and the solar system began. About the Nebular Hypothesis, the supernatural beginning, the big bang theory and more. I am going to sum-up what I have learned about Nebular Hypothesis.

The Nebular Hypothesis believes that the solar system (Planets, Sun, astroids, and such) was created from a collapsing nebula.

This could not work for several reasons:

  • 1. The amount of gravity there would have to be in order to overcome a nebula’s tendency to expand would have to have the Jeans Mass (Mj) of 100,000 suns.
  • 2. The Gas Giants such as Jupiter, do not have a large enough core in order to create enough gravity to pull in gas from the solar nebula that would condense into a planet. Simulations show the nebula would have dissipated before the core grew big enough.
  • 3. If the gasses that created the sun contracted they would have gained up speed resulting in the sun spinning very fast. But the sun does not spin very fast. The sun only has 2% of the solar systems total Angular momentum (Angular Momentum is when something is spinning and slowly contracting it results in greater speed).

There are more reasons showing that Nebular Hypothesis just wouldn’t work. There are too many problems with saying nebulas formed planets and stars and the solar system.

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