My Homeschool

Lesson 19

I have been homeschooled my entire life, and done many things that might not be considered normal. I have always thought that homeschooling has gotten me farther ahead then the average kid. Here is what my homeschooling is like.

When I first started doing homeschool my Mom would teach me math, reading and writing. We used Math-U-See for quite awhile and after that I started Saxon Math. I was always required to do daily copy work and reading from my booklist at Ambleside Online. Two of the other “subjects” I do daily are singing and some dancing. Currently more of my subjects are with the Ron Paul Curriculum. My subjects are science, history, english, and personal finance. Homeschooling has made it easer to do so many other things, like acting in Shakespeare and playing outside every day.

I have always been very thankful that I am homeschooled and I think that it is more productive, enjoyable and all around better than normal school.

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