The Worst Plague in Egypt

Week 7 Review

Imagine you are living in a time where life really sucked. Your average life-span is 35, it is sweating hot, you work all day in the hot sun, you are in the middle of the desert, you don’t get payed much. Oh, and you are probably a slave. Then to top it all off there are plagues striking the land left and right. This is Egypt in the 13th dynasty. And the Pharaoh refused Moses’ request for letting the Hebrews go free. So God sent 10 plagues each attacking a different Egyptian god, with the last attacking the Pharaoh directly. I will be telling you about the fourth plague which was the plague of flies. The plague of the flies attacked the god Khepri who was the Egyptian god of creation, movement of the sun and rebirth.

The plague of the flies started with billions of flies descending into Egypt like a black cloud. It was much more unbearable than you might expect. The flies back then were not the house flies that you see dead in the windowsills but big ugly black flies. They would fly into your eyes and crawl all over you and they would get into all of the food. Also they might have carried disease. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night with flies everywhere — crawling into your mouth under your blankets and on the floor. Everywhere you would step there would be flies. The worst thing of all is that they bite. They would bite the people the animals the livestock and many other things. When you step outside the cloud of flies would be so thick it would be hard to see. When you walk every step would be on dead flies as well as frogs that were from a previous plague. In the end the Pharaoh begged Moses and Aaron to rid the land of the flies.

In comparison to the other plagues this is fairly equal. The frogs would have been very similar but the flies get in small places when frogs don’t. The frogs would stink a lot more once they die. But the flies would most likely bite, though I do not know for sure. With the last plague, nothing even comes close. You can last with the animals all dying. But your kingdom would not last with every first born in the land dying. After that the Pharaoh let the Hebrews go. Proving that the Egyptian gods were fake and not powerful. And that the Hebrews God is all powerful and all knowing.

Then after many more plagues equally as grueling as the plague of the flies. Pharaoh finally let the Hebrews go. So Moses and Aaron led the Hebrews into the wilderness and out of Egypt.

So If you are ever considering time travel and Ancient Egypt is on the agenda. Do your best to avoid the thirteenth Dynasty in Egypt.

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