How to Save Money on Exercise

Exercise can be expensive. You need equipment, time, maybe a gym membership, and when it all adds up your wallet might be a little to a lot lighter. But, there are many ways to save mone and still get in shape. I will go through 3 ways to save.

  1. Workout at home. You can find great workouts online and never have to go anywhere. And you don’t need a gym membership to workout in your house
  2. Bodyweight workouts. In addition to working out at home you don’t need the equipment and weights the gym has. All you need it your own body weights or if you want to do some other kinds of workouts you can use water filled up water bottles. If you are looking for a great workout, check this out: I am doing 0-100 and it is really hard.
  3. And if you still like a gym to workout in, and you don’t mind a little math, Search for the best prices either within one certain gym or across many. You may have to drive a little farther to find the cheapest price but it may workout (pardon the pun) in the end.

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