Engineering is one of the most important and useful jobs on every project. It is used in every aspect of life, from your PC to your refrigerator and from your dishes to your desks. Without Engineering there would be a lot more time spent and a lot more trial and error, as well as a lot fewer things that we use every day. In this essay, I am going to list my favourite types of engineering along with what they do.

Civil Engineering.

Being a Civil Engineer. You work on almost everything on a construction site, from determining the structure of the building and how to hold it all up, to the foundations to the towers, as well as supervising. They make sure everything is being installed properly and efficiently.

They can work on many different types of cities like dams, roads, or bridges. You need to know many things to become a Civil Engineer like geometry, trigonometry, and physics. In college, the subjects that help the most are math, science, as well as teamwork, creativity, and organization.

Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering can cover many things. It requires an understanding of things like mechanics, dynamics, thermodynamics, materials science, structural analysis, and electricity. It is one of the most used Engineering Fields. I have worked in the machining department with my dad at his work. We are a metal testing lab, so people send in sheets or blocks of metal and we do various tests on them. I do much of the machining to get the samples to spec then we do the tests. Here is a list of the different tests we do: Tensile, Charpy, chemical, circle grid, hardness, structure, weld inspection, metallography, and fasteners. A Mechanical Engineer might send us a steel sample to see if it meets his standards of quality. But most of the time the steel manufacturer’s send us the steel before sending a roll to a buyer like a mechanical engineer.

Overall Engineering is very versatile and useful no matter what type it is.

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