20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Character Review

The book 20,000 leagues under the sea, is one of my all time favourites. I was assigned it for the Ron Paul Curriculum and I read it in under a month, far before I was due to finish it.

The story starts with a professor named Aronnax in 1866. The world of news was being flooded with news of a giant cetacean like creature that has destroyed ships. The Professor Aronnax, and his man servant Conseil, were to set out on a voyage to find this creature that they thought was a giant narwhale, and they went aboard the Abraham Lincoln. On the voyage they mat a harpooner named Ned Land. He was a Canadian and was one of the best harpooners there was. Later on the voyage they saw the giant narwhale but it hit the ship and threw Aronnax overboard. His loyal servant Conseil jumped in to save him and when he regained consciousness him, Conseil, and Ned Land were on a metal island. A hatch opened and they were taken inside. There they met the captain of the submarine (narwhale). His name was Captain Nemo. He said that they could never leave the ship because no one could no his secret. He also said that they were free to go about the ship at their leisure. The ship was called the Nautilus and they want on many adventures. You can see may favourite parts in this article.

The characters I will be reviewing are these: Aronnax, Conseil, Ned Land, And Capitan Nemo.

I know that those are the four major characters, but there are not any other good ones to chose from.

The Professor

Like his job describes, he is a very leaned man. He wrote books on the under water world, and has a marvellous collection of under water knowledge. He is very witty and wise, and was also very respective of Nemo’s vary secretive life. He seemed to be very kind and patient, often having to deal with the loud and boisterous Canadian. Conseil was his servant and they were very loyal. They often had long conversations on the species that passed the Nautilus’ window. He also has a wonderful desire to learn.

The Captain

Nemo. He is the creator, inventor, and Captain of the Nautilus. He said that he cut all ties with the outside world except for many books. He is infinitely rich, and can live under the sea for as long as he lives. he is also a very wise man, but more secretive than the professor. He often talked with Aronnax but would refuse to say anything about him self. He like Professor Aronnax could name many under water creatures, and taught everyone a lot of things.

The Canadian

Ned Land is a loud, stubborn, boisterous, short tempered, mighty fisherman from Québec. He became good friends with Aronnax but had many differing opinions. He felt very trapped onboard the Nautilus, and was constantly trying to find ways to escape. When on-board the Abraham Lincoln he came upon a herd of whales and with his harpoon managed to gat a few. He it very skilled with his harpoon and even hit the Nautilus before going overboard but the harpoon just bounced off.

The Servant

Conseil is an amazingly unique character. He is the most loyal to the Professor, even willing to jump in to the ocean to save his master. He also has a very funny quirk. He always refers to the Professor as “master”. He is also just as smart about the ocean and his master.


I find that Nemo and Aronnax are very similar. They are both very quick witted, both very smart, and both are fascinated with the under water world. Their brains compliment each other very well in conversation very well, and you will learn quite a lot from reading their dialog.


On the other hand, Ned Land and Conseil are completely different. Ned is loud, Conseil is not, Ned wants to escape, Conseil will go where ever Master does, but still has the human urge to be free. In the end they become the very best of friends tho.


In this book there are a few great characters that make it really fun to read. Whether it is the bit of annoyance between Ned and Conseil, or the many amazing dialogs between Aronnax and Nemo that teaches you so much. If you read this it would be extremely hard not to learn something.

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