Malware (or malicious code) is a type of code made to harm a computer. It is frequently used by hackers to gain personal files and money. Some the types of malware are these:

  • Worms. Can propagate complete working versions of itself into other hosts via networks
  • Time/Logic bombs. It activates when either a certain time or condition is met.
  • Trojan horse. A program that is disguised as a useful program, but hides malware.
  • Zombie. Software that enables a computer to be controlled by a remote master.
  • Rabbit. Multiplies without limit to exhaust system resources.
  • And the most common. Virus. A hidden self-replicating computer software. There are transient viruses that are activated whenever the host is active. And a resident virus that establishes itself in the computer even when deleted.

Malware is defined by, harm, transmission/propagation, activation, and stealth. They can be avoided by having a firewall. It will monitor what comes in and what goes out.

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