Nobody likes a whiner

Why do people whine? They whine get what they want, whether it is attention, an item, money, or to make them feel better. The analogy “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” explains why whining is effective. Here are several ways that people use whining to get what they want:

1. Persistence. When these whiners whine often enough they usually get what they want. Once they get what they want then they will stop annoying you, and no sooner.

2. Loudly. Many people that are whining for things will do it very loudly hoping for the same thing as the persistent whiners: Your peace of mind for their wants.

3. Shammers. These whiners will try to shame you into giving them what they want. They will try to make you feel guilty for not giving you something, whether what they are trying to shame you with is shameful or not. I have heard whiners try to shame me with the most irrelevant things, and it can be funny.

4. Deservers. They will say that they deserve for you to give the thing to them and say that they have worked so hard for it, when that is not always true. Unless you are a parent there are very few cases where someone deserving something means you should give it to them. If the whiner deserve it they should get it for themselves

5. Victim. This is the very lowest form of complaining. They will say that their life is so hard. They will say that school has been so hard, that they lost their job, that they are homeless, anything to get the giver to give them what they want. They play the victim card for everything imaginable and it sucks.

6. Liar. Sometimes a whiner will make up things that other people have said about them just to make the person give the whiner something to prove the made up people wrong

These people are all using complaining to get what they want instead of working for it or giving actual reasons for you to give something to them.

Why whining can work some times is because of a few reasons. Firstly, one might find it easier to give them what they want because they don’t have time for their whining. The whiners often will start to when the person they want something from is very busy, because they hope the person is not thinking about what they are asking and will just say yes.

The people that whine the most, are kids to their parents. It can cause a lot of frustration and anger and often ends with the parent just punishing the kids.

Overall if you want something, don’t start whining for it. It will make the giver annoyed and less likely to give. Because nobody likes a squeaky wheel even if they give it the grease. What you should is give them actual reasons for them to get you what you want. And if you don’t have any good reasons you could probably do with out it.

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