Having a small business as a kid is a great idea. It can give you the cash you will need when you are older and will give you the work ethic you will also need. Developing skills that could be turned into money is extremely important for a successful business in the future. I have done many things that I can use for my profit, like acting, machining and metal testing from my dad’s work.

I have a few little business ideas that I could use when young.

Engraving, and custom metal designs. I learned how to use a CNC Mill from my dad’s work so I could program it to make your design in many different materials.

Sword making. I have made a few different weapons, my favourite is a long sword that I made from scrap metal, and it looks beautiful.

Acting. I am a professional actor, but that would not be my own business, and I don’t have enough money to start an agency or theatre.

Talents I have that I might be able to make money on.

Rubix Cube. This is a more niche option, but I have taught a few people. I just don’t see much money to be made by teaching that.

Diabolo. The diabolo is an item used in the circus. It is a large hourglass-shaped yoyo-like thing, but you hold the strings in either hand and it is not attached to the diabolo. Here is a video of me using one.

Busking. I can sing very well, and have for many years, as well as tap dance, I would have to brush up on tap dancing for a while before it would be worth adding to my act. My sister can sing so we could do duets.

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