The Pursuit of Happiness

Bertrand Russell once said “To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness.” That is so true. What do you find more joy in, the day after Christmas when you have all your toys and gifts, or the moments right before opening them.

I know a man who always is talking about the things he wants to do, and the projects and activities he wanted to do, extremely out numbered the things he actually finished. But he always finds a lot of joy planing-out his projects.

I find so many things that I have always wanted my entire life but never gotten them. But if I did get these things I would soon lose interest or find problems that I never would have seen before. That is why it can be so much more fun to want, than to have.

Let us say there is a video game that you really like and you were just starting, you have mediocre stuff and you are working to get the best stuff in the game. What would be more fun, paying for all the best stuff and immediately beating the game, or, slowly gaining better and better items until you have earned the rarest items in the game. That may vary depending on the person but I can say that for most of us that we would want to earn it.

So the real happiness in in the journey not the obtaining

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