The question of value is based on many things.

  1. How much you want it
  2. Supply and Demand
  3. And How hard it is to get

There might be a collectable card that you really want, it might not be rare, but you still want it. You might be willing to spend more than it is worth because it would give you satisfaction in some way (it might complete a collection, or have some sentimental value)

Now you want a card that everyone wants. So the company makes many of them to satisfy the demand. Now since the company see’s that everyone wants it they raise the price. So you get a common card for a higher price. But after a while it will go down in value because there are many of them.

Or there is a limited edition and they have all been sold. And you can only buy them from other people. Its value will depend on who you are buying it from. Maybe that is their favourite card so they charge more. Maybe they have two so they don’t mind giving it up for cheaper. But let’s say it cost a lot, and was really hard to find someone that was selling. You would probably value it more then a card that cost more but was easy to find.

You could find a diamond on the ground. Great. Or you could find a diamond that you have been mining for a long time. You would have more satisfaction in the one that was hard to get.

“That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly. It is dearness only which gives everything its value.” 

Thomas Paine

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