Week 25 History review.

Carthage and The Pyrrhic War.

  1. Carthage.

2. Was founded by Dido, a Phoenician princess, founded in 814 BC

3. Tin and Bronze.

4. The Pyrrhic War.

5. He came to the aid of Tarentum, which had been wronged by the Roman Navy.

6. A victory won at too high a price.

7. Rome and Carthage.

First Punic War Answers.

Questions here.

  1. Began in 264 BC.

2. Fought over Sicily.

3. Rome sided with Messina.

4. Rome had a long string of wins.

5. The Romans had to invent the assault bridge to counter the carthaginians navy.

6. In 255 BC the carthaginians had their only major success on land in the first war because of a break in the war.

7. Carthage had to give Rome: All of Sicily, had to pay 30 tons of silver and 6.6 tons annually for 10 years, and had to keep their navy to ten ships.

The Second Punic War.

Questions here.

  1. The Mercenary War.

2. 218 BC – 213 BC

3. Hannibal started under his father.

4. Because he was like his father.

5. Saguntum.

6. 38,000 soldiers, 8000 Cavalry, 37 War Elephants.

7. One of the greatest military leaders in history.

The Last Punic War.

Questions Here.

  1. Was in Italy for 17 years and neither side could get the advantage.

2. Iberia and Sicily.

3. Scipio Africanus

4. The Battle of Zama in 202 BC.

5. Had to pay 10,000 talents of silver and could never raise and army without asking Rome.

6. A siege of Carthage which lasted from 149 to 146.

7. Julius Caesar

This is just a review for my 25th week of history GR 6.

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