Goblins in the Woods.


“But why not?” replied Evalor.

“Because I don’t have the time.” Said Timothy as they walked through the forest 

“Oh please. Two hours a day in the woods to teach me archery is not that much.”                 

“One, I am not a teacher. Two, I am out hunting seven hours a day. And three I don’t want to.”            

“Fine, let’s go to the Mossy Brick.” The Mossy Brick is a tavern on the edge of Biville. Biville is a small town in the Dark Forest, there is not much light there, but it is the perfect place for Tibbons like Evalor and Timothy, there are plenty of deer in the forest and tall oaks trees that have low strong branches to climb on. 

In Biville all of the houses have stilts making them above ground making room for a garden or a tool shed. The houses are made of oak wood planks which are very bendy so they do not break and water does not make them rot. The people of Biville are Tibbons but are generally fairer and gentler.    

Every Tibbon, when he or she is young chose a weapon to learn. Evalor (being small when a baby and not talking until he was a young boy who snuck around in The Dark Forest,) chose two small knives that were around ten inches long, they were slightly curved in the blade and could be thrown or used in hand to hand combat. Timothy chose a bow and arrow and learned to use them better than anyone in the whole village. Timothy was taller than most of the people in Biville and had a house on the edge of the village across the dirt road from the Black Smith. He made paths all over the forest some on the ground and some through the trees.

Evalor’s father Galenor, worked as Master Blacksmith, and sometimes let Evalor work with him in the night. It was dusty and hot in there so Evalor’s job was to keep it clean.

“And, Evalor, remember to clean up when you’re done.” Said Galenor as he picked up his coat and left


The door slammed behind him.


He started to sharpen his knives whistling to himself a simple tune that he learned when he was a baby 

“Hello Evalor,” said Timothy, walking in with his bow slung over his shoulder.

“Hello, Timothy. What can I do for you?”

 “I thought you were closed, but I heard you whistling so I was wondering if you might make me ten arrowheads.”

“Of course,” he took a rod of hot iron and started to pound it flat until it took shape of a small square, each side about three-quarters of an inch long and the thickness of your pinkie finger. Then he buried it in some hot coals. “Here are four leftover arrowheads from a while ago. I will finish making these tonight and will drop them off in the morning.”

“Okay, see you then. Oh, and I have something to show you when you are there. Bring your knives.”                                                       

In the morning it was bright and sunny. The air was cool with a gentle breeze from the ocean. It was very quiet, no birds were singing, and the few people walking around were silent. Evalor walked over to Timothy’s house and found him waiting for him outside.

“Here are your arrowheads, what did you want to show me?”

“Just follow me.” Said Timothy as he led Evalor into the woods

“Where are we going?” Said Evalor, as Timothy led him deeper and deeper into the woods. 

“To my watch stations” 

“What do you watch?”

“Those.” He whipped off his bow and nocked an arrow to the string, right as goblin jumped out of a bush. He stared at them with a menacing look for a split second then charged at them with his sword waving over his head.


Evalor saw the goblin rollover with an arrow in his heart.

“Quick follow me, up this ladder” Evalor looked around a tree and saw a ladder nailed to it, he scurried up the ladder to a platform in the tree where Timothy was waiting for him. 

“Do you have your knives?” 

“Yes, there in my bag.”

“Good. Here’s a sword can you use one?” Said, Timothy

“ Of course. I have six throwing knives plus my two.” 

There was a blast from a horn below and four more goblins plunged through the underbrush. Evalor took out one of his throwing knives and got ready to throw.

“Wait.” The goblins bent over their dead comrade. Then; the much taller leader said something to them in their tongue. They all started to sniff the air and look around, and as they did Evalor saw their hideous faces peering around. One of the smaller goblins pointed at the trees where Timothy and Evalor were hiding.

“Now.” Said Timothy, Evalor threw his knife straight at the goblin that was pointing at them, with immense power, it threw the goblin back and it hit the ground with a thud. Timothy hit another goblin in the heart. It screamed a hideous scream then toppled over dead on the ground. 

The leader of the group let out a deafening roar then the two goblins ran to the bottom of the tree and started to climb the ladder. As soon as the first goblin came into view Timothy smote him on the head sending it tumbling down the ladder knocking the other one down with it. 

“Quick over this bridge.” Shouted Timothy. He ran over a rope ladder and waited for the goblin on the other side. The last goblin was the largest and it had a long curved sword and was fully clothed in chainmail, it reached the platform as they reached the other side of the bridge. Evalor cut the ropes that held the bridge to their side, and let it swing back over where the goblin was standing. It reared for the jump then ran at full speed howling as it jumped. As it landed it struck the sword out of Timothy’s hands as well as a blow with his pummel. He turned to Evalor who had abandoned his sword for his knives for which he was a stronger fighter. He threw one at the goblin but it dodged it with ease. He threw another but the goblin warded it off with his sword. It finally charged at Evalor leaving him surprised. He had two long knives still and fought back furiously, quick jabs here and arm locks. The goblin weighed much more than Evalor and managed to knock him to the ground violently. The goblin raised its sword for the final blow, but Evalor was too quick and grabbed one of Timothy’s arrows that were scattered on the ground. He thrust it into the goblins exposed belly and drove it deep. It stumbled back in pain and rage. Blind to its surroundings the goblin fell off the platform in the tree and died. Evalor sat down got out his water skin and poured it over Timothy’s head. He woke up with a start and then a groan.

“Wha -what happened?” said Timothy as he sat up.

 “Oh, the usual… you know… killing the head goblin. What have you been doing lately?” replied Evalor with a smirk.

“Oh, you’re hilarious.”

“You have quite the lump there on your head Timothy. An unlucky shot I admit.”

“I was wondering what that pain in my head was, thanks for reminding me.” Chuckled Timothy. “How did you manage with that last goblin. I am surprised to see you doing so well. Did it escape?”   

“Not at all, come look.” They walked over to where the Goblin fell and saw it lying there with an arrow in its belly.

“He must have broken his neck in the fall.”

“I just have one question.” Remarked Evalor as they were walking home. “What are goblins doing in the Dark Wood?”

“I don’t know but I know that they are coming from the abandoned Goblin City.”

“Where are you going?” said Evalor as Timothy turned off the road.

“I am going to find a wizard.” 

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