Roman Clothing

Romans thought a lot about fashion. They would spend quite a bit of money to keep up with the style of the emperor and empress. Most of their clothing was made from wool or linen but cotten and silk did become available at a high price. The clothing it self would be a large cloth held together by pins, broaches, or belts. The cloth would often be white, which was the natural colour but sometimes it would be dyed.

Other then a loin cloth the men would also wear a knee-length tunic. The senators would wear a white tunic with a purple stripe down the front. The Citizens would wear togas, but these were generally reserved for special occasions. Togas were a single piece of cloth wound around the wearer in a way that actually looked like a garment. The toga depending on the social rank would be decorated with coloured and stripes along the edges. Roman men either had shorter hair and beards or longer hair and shaved beards, depending on the different times in the empire.

The women also would wear a tunic, but added an ankle length robe called a stola. A palla or scarf was also usually draped around their hair or over their hair. The women generally wore their hair in a simple bun, but later in the empire they took on more elaborate hair styles as well as a lot of jewellery and make-up.

Each gender would wear sandals but soldiers or workers that worked under ground would wear boots.

As you can tell the fashion developed over the time of Romes Empire and Republic, getting more fancy and expensive.

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