Polycarp, Ambrose, Jerome

Polycarp was a student of John and he was the bishop of Smyrna, and has some of the oldest Christian writings left. Because of his connection with John, he was considered to be an authority on the orthodox teachings of Jesus. He was the first to compile, edit, and publish the Bible. He was arrested in 86 for not burning incense to the emperor. The governor gave him one last chance to reproach Christ and go free. He replied “For 80 and 6 years I have served Jesus and he has done me no wrong, how then can I blaspheme my king and saviour. Bring forth what thou wilt”. He was sentenced to burn at the stake. Christians were widely persecuted until the reign of Constantine.

Ambrose Was born into a Roman Christian family. He lived in Gaul, which is modern day france. In his youth, Ambrose was swarmed by bees, and they left a drop of honey. His father took that to mean he would have a sweet tongue. He studied well and joined his father into politics. He studied litrature, and by 372 he was the governor of Liguria and Emilia. While he was at a meeting to determine who the next bishop of Milan would be, Ambrose was unexpectedly chosen. He tried to hide from them but was found, baptized, trained, and made bishop of Milan. He adopted a ascetic lifestyle, and helped Athanasius in the fighting of Arianism. He condemned Theodosius for the massacre of 7000 people and did many good things in his lifetime. He died in 397.

Jerome was born in 347 in Stridon. He moved to Rome to be a student. he actually was a vary big skeptic of Christianity, but while in Rome he was converted because of a time he was sick he had a vision and devoted his life to God. He lived in a hermits cell, and translated the bible into latin. It was known as the Vulgate. Saint Jerome died in 354 spending his last 34 years in his cell outside of Bethlehem.

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