The Flavian Dynasty

Rome was ruled by the Julio-Claudian dynasty for a long time until the death of Nero the fifth Emperor of Rome.

The Flavian dynasty started in 69 AD and the first emperor of this new dynasty was Vespasian. His family was originally part of the equestrian family, which was inferior to the patricians.

In 51 AD Vespasian became a consul and after that became a governor of part of Africa. In 66 Vespasian was put in charge of the army sent to stop the Jewish rebellion. His forces were successful in holding the siege and while fighting in Judea his troops named him the next emperor. When Vespasian returned to Rome he overthrew the Emperor Vitellius in 64 AD and ruled well for 10 years. He expanded the empires hold over Britain and made many improvements to the armies and cities.

His son Titus was to rule after him, which was monumental because no emperor had ever had their direct son succeed them. Titus besieged Jerusalem which was started by his father, and the city was destroyed. Vespasian built the infamous colosseum, but in 79 AD died of an infection. His son Titus ruled very well after him and the people liked him very much. He helped with rebuilding things that were effected from the eruption of Pompey and the fire of Rome. Titus was also very generous but after two years as Emperor he died of a fever. His brother Domitian took his place and ruled for 15 years. He strengthened the economy and was also very popular with the people bu considered a Tyrant by the Senate. He did a lot of rebuilding much like his brother Titus, but was killed by his own court officials planed by the senate. He was the last of the Flavian Dynasty.

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