If I go to College what will I do?

I doubt that I will be going to college, but if I did, here are the three options that I might do.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Singing
  • Business

Mechanical Engineering

I have worked in my dad’s metal testing shop, and I have found myself to be fairly good at picking up different things in the shop that we do. I have learned to machine with mills, lathes, band saws, belt grinders, and many other machines.

I consider this an option, just because if I have nothing else I can do I could always do this.

Singing or Acting

I have been a singer and performer since I was 3 and have loved it ever since. But because of a certain virus that everyone is scared of, I doubt the acting field will be up anytime soon. Also, I don’t need to go to college for singing. But if I wanted to go pro, I might consider it.


I think that business is a great field for any wanna-be entrepreneur. It can give you the edge you need over your less experienced competitors, it will make investors more confident in your business, and it will make finding a job in that field a whole lot easier.

I would need to know what field I would want to pursue though before I spent that much money on it.

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