Finance Tips I Would Pass to a Younger Person

As a child it is hard to make money. when I was young I made money from singing in my family band, but a lot of kids don’t have that type of opportunity. So what I would recommend would be creating small businesses. I once went on a vacation with my family to an amethyst mine. It cost twenty dollars to fill a bucket of loose amythist, so we got quite a lot. That summer or the one after, I remember setting up a stand and selling amethyst crystals and necklaces that I ran through a tumbler. I probably made only ten bucks, but it is important to get in the money-making mindset.

My sisters and I did a few different things during the summer that made us a few bucks: helping to garden with the neighbours, raking leaves, paper routes (though they pay very poorly), and my older sister would babysit. All of those jobs wouldn’t make us a ton of money, though every now and then if there was a snack or toy that we wanted, we would have the money to buy it.

When I was nine, my mom submitted my resùme to the Stratford Festival, which is one of the largest theatres in Canada. I got the role of Young Macduff in the Shakespeare play Macbeth, and that was the start of my acting career. I am not suggesting that you audition for theatres unless you have some skills that better your chances. There are always a lot of kids auditioning, and chances are very slim. I was a good performer and had experience on stage, I could sing, and memorize lines. That was how a made almost all of my childhood money.

If you know how to sing, play an instrument, or dance, I would also highly recommend busking. Go to a highly busy place (outside a theatre, or market), and start performing. Put out a hat or bucket, and you will probably make money, though make sure you check the rules of the area. In some places, you are not allowed to busk, or you have to get a permit. My younger sister once made $80 in two hours, though she had been practicing for a very long time.

Retaining the money you make
When you are a kid, money usually seems like it is only there to buy the things that you want, that shouldn’t be the case. If you saved for two years, which might seem like a long time, you could use that money to make more money: You could buy a bike to make your paper route faster, giving you enough time for another paper route, or you could make a sturdier stand that is more portable so you can sell goodies at sports events. That money would also be needed to buy things to sell at sporting events.

There are hundreds of options that you just have to apply to your certain situation. If you live far out in the country there are a lot fewer options. A good one if you are strong enough and old enough, is to sell chopped wood. You don’t even have to sit at a stand just make a box with bags of wood, and set out a tin for payment.

I hope that you will try some of these business ideas, and if you already are, good for you, it will make, making money later in life a lot easier.

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