How Would I Invest $2000

With $2000 dollars, there really are only a few good options. I wouldn’t consider bonds unless there was more money, because bonds are essentially a loan, and with a small amount of money, there is a small amount of interest, and there are only a few stocks that I would consider. I would most likely buy a one-ounce gold coin. During these times when the economy is very unstable, and inflation is absolutely crazy, gold is amazingly stable. Though gold is not really an investment, it is a very good hedge against inflation.

If we lived in normal times, I would probably invest in Tesla or Bitcoin. Tesla has been remarkably successful with Elon Musk’s ever-rising wealth, and there is very little chance that the business would suddenly fail. If you bought 100 dollars ten years ago in Bitcoin when it was only a few cents you would now be worth $4,300,000 USD if you held out until now, as each coin is worth 43,000 USD. It has continued to climb, only going down to come back where it was a few weeks earlier.

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