Pursuasive writing

Topic: Why where I live is the best place to live. One Paragraph
Today the objective is to grab your attention.

What do whales, trees, Canada, sight, and fun, all have in common? If you can piece all of those together and form one picture, you might be thinking of a place like St. Andrews by the Sea. This place has been described as the best tourist destination in all of Canada by the Washington Post, and it is truly exquisite. With whale watching out on the Bay of Fundy, beautiful hikes that can take you down rocky paths, or up to beautiful summits, mountainous terrain with views from hundreds of feet in the air, and endless activity, a huge wooden park, professional public tennis courts, sunny beaches in the summer months, and a winter wonderland in the winter ones. This little corner of New Brunswick, Canada, is every outdoorsy person’s dream holiday. With the picturesque town right on the ocean, you can swim, fish, and visit some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Canada. If you walk down the main street you will see all of the colourfully painted shops, and on Thursdays, the market is all down the main street, and you can buy many things from all the different vendors. St. Andrews is an all-around perfect holiday spot.

I hope this caught your attention because I will be posting more assignments on this same subject. This was the attention grabber, next I will be posting things like why you need to visit a place like this, and how this place will fulfill all of your needs.

If you want to compare my paragraph to see how descriptive it really was, this is a great video of St. Andrews. I am very lucky, as I do live in a place that is not hard to “sell” to people, as it is already a heavily touristy area.

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