The Morality of Wealth

Lesson 25

This is a very old essay that I never posted, so I am doing it now.

Now, this is a big question. Is it immoral to have more money than others? Many people think it is good to take money from wealthy people, and give it to the poor. Like Robin Hood. But there are many problems with that.

One. That is not the story of Robin Hood. Here is a brief explanation.

Prince John would falsely accuse people of treason. Then the evil bishop would back Prince John, make them an outlaw, and steal all their money and land. Because outlaws were not allowed to own anything. Or the evil bishop would loan someone plenty of money, then Prince John would raise the taxes and tax them. Leaving them with no money to pay back the loan. Then the bishop would claim their land and possessions. And give some of it to the Prince. So Robin Hood stole from the bishop and the Prince then gave the money to the poor.

So, it is not fair to say that it is good for everyone to be like Robin Hood, because the people he was stealing from were thieves as well, not people that have made their riches from their own hard work.

It is NOT AT ALL unjust for someone to have more money than someone else. I have heard people say that the government should take some of millionaire’s money and give it to homeless people. Now that can benefit many people that could not make money on their own. But it is literally stealing. Now many people that are homeless have lost their money due to their own carelessness (I’m not saying all. But some). And there are hundreds of ways for them to make money. For example. They could go to a church and ask for some little job that might make them a little money. Many churches would be happy to let them do some chores. and it would benefit both the church and the person.
And many rich people give their money to charities of their own free will. Which is by far different than the government taking it from them and doing it for them.

So being rich is not immoral. In fact, it will benefit the economy on both sides. Even during the Industrial Revolution when the factories were run by the wealthy and had terrible working conditions for the poor, the standard of living still went up tremendously.

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