Are Hamburgers The World’s Favourite Food?

This is a post on practicing attention-grabbing sentences, so if you clicked on it based on the title, then I am off to a great start. This one is on hotdogs. vs. hamburgers. I am arguing for hamburgers.


What makes food delicious. Is it the quality of food? Is it the seasoning that a chef adds to it? Or is it the simplicity that makes you want to buy it again and again? I think that all of these play a large part in making food excellent. But the last of those points is what makes it perfect. When you buy a hamburger, even though you know what it will be like, you are excited and impatient. And if you someday do get tired of the same hamburger, there are infinite customizations that you can make. You can make a hamburger to fit any mood and any craving. But with hot dogs, what is there to change. A basic hot dog has bread and meat like a hamburger, but they are messy, they spill easy, and you can only fit limited amounts of toppings before it falls off of the top. But a good burger can be seven, eight, inches tall, have a dozen toppings, and then be squished down enough to still be able to eat, and enjoy. THAT is why a burger is, and always will be better than a hot dog.


I hope that this was attention-grabbing, and made a good little comparing sentence. I could be way off about hamburgers being better than hot dogs, as I don’t eat either of them and haven’t had one in years. But I think I was accurate. If you think that hot dogs are better please give me arguments why, as if I have a lesson delving deeper into this assignment, I could use a lot more info. Thanks, and I hope this was fun -=-=- Oli.

2 thoughts on “Are Hamburgers The World’s Favourite Food?

  1. I like hotdogs better but only since I am just not a big fan of hamburgers. Plus… they are not even made out of ham. Lol and hotdogs are not made out of dogs😂
    I don’t eat red meat so I enjoy turkey hotdogs and hamburgers. But the turkey hotdogs are better in my opinion.

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