Another Hamburgers Vs Hot dogs.

Writing Assignment: Your assignment for today is to write an introductory paragraph that will grab your reader’s attention. Use an imaginative opening statement.

Topic: Why hamburgers are better than hot dogs.

Picture a checkered picnic cloth, on the ground in a clearing. There is nobody there, and on the cloth, you see two plates, and nothing else. On the left one, you see a gourmet hamburger with a toasted bun, ripe tomatoes, and juicy meat. On the other, you see a classic baseball hot dog. Simple bun, a few different condiments, like ketchup and mustard, maybe relish, or if you are going a little fancy sauerkraut. The wiener itself has been grilled perfectly. Not hard and crispy on the outside but not cold on the inside. But! Before you go and devour both of them. You see a white sign sticking in the ground before the checkered cloth. It reads as such: “You may only pick one, so chose wisely”. That is simple of course because all burgers are superior to all hot dogs so you eat the burger and live happily ever after. The end.

The part in bold doesn’t matter as the assignment is only for attention-grabbing, and that you can create a picture of it in your mind. If you were able to picture it then I did a good job. And if you wanted to eat the hamburger then I did an excellent job.

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