The reasons why the place I live is the best in the world.

I already posted the first part of this series on persuasive writing, so if you haven’t seen it yet, read this first.

I am supposed to now give you the reasons that make any city or place the best in the world, and then explain how the place I live is the best.


To make any place the best in the world, it needs to check many boxes: [1], it has to accommodate all ages. [2], it needs to have recreational places of many different kinds, i.e, proper sports fields or arenas, parks, good scenery, and all amenities like grocery stores and hardware stores. [3], it should be close to a major city if not already one. [4], and it should be a very pleasant and pretty place, that has lots of colour and charm.
So let us see what boxes St. Andrews checks. It is a relatively small community and not a traffic-filled city, so it is very friendly to young kids, there are schools for all ages, including a community college, so all levels of education are covered from KG to young adults. It has many elderly people living there, and all necessary facilities are within a small drive. So it checks box one perfectly. It is a tourist town, so it has many recreational places. it has beaches, parks, a golf course, an arena with curling and skating, several professional tennis courts, and the only five-star hotel in all of NewBrunswick. It has mountains that offer stunning views, and many whale watching and fishing boats that take tours of the ocean. So it has a lot in terms of fun, so box two is checked. It is one hour away from St. John, an hour and a half from Fredericton which is the capital of NB, and 2.5-3 hours to Moncton. So if you can’t find something you need in those three major cities, then you aren’t looking too hard. Box three checked. For the fourth box, St. Andrews is one of the best towns fitting that description. It is a multicoloured, quaint, seaside town, that looks like it is right out of a storybook. And so St. Andrews covers all major points, and that is why I think that it is the best place in the world.


This post is not necessarily true [and most likely isn’t], but it is supposed to teach me how to write persuasive articles, and teach me how to “sell” something. If you think that I missed something that should be one of my points, feel free to let me know in the comments.

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