Is Homeschooling Beneficial Students?

I have been a homeschooler for all 16 years of my life, so my opinion is slightly biased, though my parents were in public school, and after they observed it for their entire education they decided that homeschooling would be better for us.

I am going to give some needs on what makes a good education: 1, should teach several subjects, 2, should be able to teach them in an understandable way. 3, should have a good balance between study and recreation. 4, and should teach about things that you will need in the real world.

Now the public school system has a one size fits all system. Which I am afraid works awfully. Many children learn at a completely different pace than others, some need more verbal. teaching, some need more written, and some need more physical showing. And I think that is the public school’s greatest fault, it puts kids in a class where they all hear the same things, and rarely get individual instruction or information. When homeschooled you can fine-tune your education, to teach the most, very efficiently. For the first few years of my education all I study was Math, writing and reading, and that benefited me greatly, I am now an avid reader and writer, and math I no longer detest. we then learned more subjects like history and science, and I was able to learn well, as I had a great understanding of how I learned best. I already had a basic understanding of many aspects of science and history, as my mom made me read many books, where I gathered information on those respective subjects, and so when I started, many things were not new to me, even though I never took a single lesson in it previously. So that covers the first two points. Third point. Homeschooling has the most flexible schedule. If you are going to a party, you can take the entire day off, and do more either when the party is done, or double up the next day. For five years from 9-to 14, I was a professional actor and was able to do that because of the flexible schooling schedule. I was missing many days, so I did school all through the summer, so I could catch up a bit, also my family had a band, and I took lessons in different things, all of these things were happening while most kids were in school and I was making money at a very young age. So point three is checked perfectly. With point four, schools rarely teach you about things like taxes, auto repair, and basic knowledge for everyday life, those things are supposed to be tough by the parent, or from a special course like Personal Finance, now most public schoolers don’t want to take extra courses, as they hate school enough already, and by the time they get home it is around 4 o’clock, where they have homework so there is minimal time for parents to teach then, and on weekends, that is the time that kids want breaks, they want to play with friends, and go to the park. So all in all, many of those things are learnt quite late, and or only by being pushed into the real world. With homeschooling, you are around at least one parent every day, and they are helping you, you are able to ask unrelated questions, and you have time to listen to an explanation because it is only you and your siblings instead of an entire schoolroom of kids that don’t have that questions. And many people think that homeschooling would be really hard for the parents, but it doesn’t have to be. When children are young, there is quite a lot of maintenance, but once they get older, you can give them a textbook, tell them what they need to accomplish for the parent to be satisfied, and then the adult can check the work, later.

Those are the reasons that I think Homeschooling is better than public school.

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