My poem of Hope and Faith

The world is now crumbling to bits
right outside my own door.
The ground is all fire and pits
as the earth is becoming no more,

As death envelops the landscape
I sing a peaceful song
I don’t look for any escape
as I know I won’t live for long

But I have no fear for a reason
For I know what’ll happen to me
’cause Jesus saved me from my treason
so I’ll live for e’ter’ni’ty

For soon I’ll live in His kingdom,
I will walk in His glorious hall
for my hope is sung through my sweet songs
and I’m not scared of that which befalls

3 thoughts on “My poem of Hope and Faith

  1. Oo! I really like how you included all about the bad as well as good! Great job! I’m looking forward to this contest. I don’t think you need to change your codename if you don’t want. I like to have them stay the same myself since it give the voters/readers/contestants a sense of consistency. But I don’t mind if you change it. If you don’t really like your current codename change it up till you find one you really like. That is what I did.😊😁😋

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