Should students be allowed to listen to music in headphones while studying?

Many parents believe [including my Mom] that listening to music can distract you, and slow you down. But I have never thought that. Whenever I do math out of a textbook, I like to put on music so my family quarrelling in the background doesn’t distract me, because whenever I hear talking, I listen in on what it is, no matter what. But that poses a problem, as most songs have words, and that is why I listen to a symphony, and classical music. Either it doesn’t have words, or it is in Latin, or Italian, and I don’t know what they are saying.

But does it distract me? Not really. If there is a song that I really like, I might stop focusing, to listen, but that is only for two minutes, then I get back to it. And many people know that listening to classical music can make you smarter, so really I am just multitasking and making myself double smart. Ok, all jokes aside, I get my work done far faster when I am not able to hear my siblings and parents talking, and I’m listening to music than I am when I constantly stop to hear the latest news.

But this is not all about me. Many kids my age do not listen to classical music and many more thing I am crazy for enjoying it. Most kids listen to pop, rap, and many other genres that I dislike. And I do think that those genres would pose quite a distraction. Some kids might not listen as intently to their music as I do mine, and might not get nearly as distracted. But what if you are studying with other students. Even with headphones, the sound can travel unless you have good ones. And a small amount of music can sometimes distract someone, so it would be quite inconsiderate. But there is one more case. And that is if you are in a crowded public space, like a large library. Even though people try to stay quiet, with hundreds of people turning pages, it makes plenty of noise, and then the only way to block out all the sounds is to put on headphones. So, in that case, I think It is quite necessary to listen to something.

So I have two opinions. One is that if you are studying on your own, listening to music can greatly benefit many kids, and improve their learning, though I do think that some genres would not help as much as hurt. And two, if you are in a public learning space, where there are people quite nearby [at the same table]. It can distract others, Especially heavy bass music, and loud music of any sort, but if it is crowded it is often a necessity.

But what do you think? Do you think I am wrong? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments!

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