The Anglo-Spanish war

During the mid to late fifteen hundreds the Christian faith went under a great reformation, and countries bounced back and forth between Catholicism and Protestantism depending on the beliefs of the current rulers. England is a good example of this as during the reign of Edward IV he led England to a more protestant country, … Continue reading The Anglo-Spanish war

Gerhard Groote

Gerhard Groote was a christian reformer who is often forgotten about when the great reformers are talked about, but with out this man the reformation would not have been the same. Gerhard Groote was born in Holland 1340, which is nowadays Netherlands. Europe was in a time of trouble with the black death killing thousands … Continue reading Gerhard Groote

The Church Fathers

The title of "church father" is given to several highly influential men that developed the church in the years after the bible cannon had finished. There were four church fathers picked by the Eastern church and four by the Western. Eastern Church FathersBasilAthanasiusGregory of NazangusJohn ChrysostomWestern Church FathersSaint AmbroseSaint JeromeSaint AugustinePope Gregory the Great These … Continue reading The Church Fathers