The Morality of Wealth

Lesson 25 This is a very old essay that I never posted, so I am doing it now. Now, this is a big question. Is it immoral to have more money than others? Many people think it is good to take money from wealthy people, and give it to the poor. Like Robin Hood. But … Continue reading The Morality of Wealth

Personal Finance: 2nd Last Week.

I am on the second last week of Personal finance, which was mostly about reading finance books. Since I haven't read enough to post about, I will focus on the other topic, retirement, and savings. It is a fairly simple concept. Save when young, and slowly save more as you get older. If you come … Continue reading Personal Finance: 2nd Last Week.

Finance Tips I Would Pass to a Younger Person

As a child it is hard to make money. when I was young I made money from singing in my family band, but a lot of kids don't have that type of opportunity. So what I would recommend would be creating small businesses. I once went on a vacation with my family to an amethyst … Continue reading Finance Tips I Would Pass to a Younger Person

Personal Finance lessons

Lessons 75-85 Business plans Everyone needs one. You can go to,, and others, for a business template. A few things you need are: 1.1 Objectives1.2 Mission2.1 Company ownership2.2 Start-up summary A full list is on Entrepreneur spotlight: John Mackey John Mackey was the founder of Whole Foods. He took a more … Continue reading Personal Finance lessons