Semester Report: English

English has taught me a lot in the first semester. It has assigned many great books, thought me about grammar standards, research papers, book reviews, MLA, and APA. English has been very important, and sometimes it even has been fun. Structure of Daily Lesson The VideoThe video is the main bulk of each lesson. It … Continue reading Semester Report: English

What is Courage

Prompt: We are often told to "put on a brave face" or to be strong. To do this, we often have to hide, or at least minimize, whatever fears, flaws, and vulnerabilities we possess. However, such an emphasis on strength is misguided. What truly takes courage is to show our imperfections, not to show our strengths, … Continue reading What is Courage

The Life-Cycle of a Butterfly

Butterflies are some of the most beautiful of God's insects. So today I will be running you through the life-cycle, some interesting butterfly facts, and my favourite butterfly and why. Like many forms of animal life, butterflies start as an egg. When they hatch, they are in the first of four stages: Egg, Caterpillar, Pupa, … Continue reading The Life-Cycle of a Butterfly