How Would I Invest $2000

With $2000 dollars, there really are only a few good options. I wouldn't consider bonds unless there was more money, because bonds are essentially a loan, and with a small amount of money, there is a small amount of interest, and there are only a few stocks that I would consider. I would most likely … Continue reading How Would I Invest $2000

Finance Tips I Would Pass to a Younger Person

As a child it is hard to make money. when I was young I made money from singing in my family band, but a lot of kids don't have that type of opportunity. So what I would recommend would be creating small businesses. I once went on a vacation with my family to an amethyst … Continue reading Finance Tips I Would Pass to a Younger Person

Personal Finance lessons

Lessons 75-85 Business plans Everyone needs one. You can go to,, and others, for a business template. A few things you need are: 1.1 Objectives1.2 Mission2.1 Company ownership2.2 Start-up summary A full list is on Entrepreneur spotlight: John Mackey John Mackey was the founder of Whole Foods. He took a more … Continue reading Personal Finance lessons