More Poetry

Alright. This next poem used to only be the first verse, but I have added more verses making it more of a “fun/joking” style poem in stead of a matter-of-fact poem.

Have You Heard

Hello little bird
In a little tree
Have you ever heard
Of a Bumble Bee?
They buzz around all day
And never get too rest
Then never get too play
Until they’ve done their best

Hello little owl
In a tall pine tree
Have you hear the howl
Of a Coy-ot-ee
They wand’r ’round the prairie
Scavenging for food
Their nice fur coat is harry
So their never nude…

I know… I had no other word I could use lol.

Hello little Fox
In a little hole
Have you ever heard
Of the digging mole?
They dig all up the ground
Searching for their food
And if there worms be found
They’l eat when in the mood

Comment if you want me to do a part two. =D

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