The Small Joys Tag


Thank the person that nominated you
Thank you ever so much Sawyer!!

List fifteen of your small joys

Nominate 1-5 bloggers

My Small Joys:
For Weapon Making and Poetry

1-6 will be on weapon making. 7-15 will be on poetry.

  1. It keeps me busy
  2. It is like making art
  3. It can be beautiful
  4. I can to use many different tools
  5. I love showing my work to others
  6. It is a good skill to have
  7. Again it keeps me busy
  8. And it is art
  9. It is also beautiful
  10. It is a challenge to find the right rhymes and rhythm
  11. It is a good skill to have
  12. I can spend time out side looking for inspiration
  13. I never run out of ideas
  14. I love it when people like hearing my poems
  15. And lastly, you can sing most poems

And my nominee is:
Sophie Neudorf (my sister)

The list can be on anything that brings you joy!! Hope you like it!!

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