Will We Forget Our Heros

Prompt: Time has a doomsday book, on whose pages he is continually recording illustrious names. But as often as a new name is written there, an old one disappears. Only a few stand in illuminated characters never to be effaced. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Topic: Are there some heroes who will be remembered forever? Or are all heroes doomed to be forgotten one day?

There are absolutely people that will be remembered forever, as Christian, look at Adam and Eve, their legend has lasted thousands of years. And most importantly it lasted a flood that wiped out the entire earth, where only one family survived. [Noah and the Ark]
And Christians will remember so many men and women from the bible, like Christ, the twelve Disciples, Abraham, Moses, and many more. And other religions will remember people as well. Muslims will remember Muhammad, and Buddhists will remember Buddha. Though some of you might think the question referred to people like Charlemagne, or Alexandar the Great, these people will be remembered for a long time, depending on how famous they are, but depending on when Christ comes again, they might be forgotten.

Though if you are not a Christian, you might have the opinion that the earth will last millions of “more” years, that people will be wiped out several times, and humanity will reset several times, and along with that the past heroes will be forgotten. But, I do not believe that. Firstly, God said to Noah that he would never again wipe out his creation in that way, and He said that one day Christ will return, and the Kingdom of God will come down into the earth, so there is an end to “earth” as we know it, because the Kingdom of God will have come down to it.

So yes, I do think that some “Heros” will be remembered forever, but if the question only referred to people outside of religion, either hero of military accomplishment, or infamous achievements, I would say some will be forgotten, but many will always be remembered. Especially with modern technology, data on the old heroes will be stored for as long as the technologies last.

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