Personal Finance Lesson 70 Review.

This week.

Lesson 1. S.B. Fuller

Lesson 2. Editing and Tutoring.

Lesson 3. T-Shirt Design and photography.

Lesson 4. Payment Systems.

S.B. Fuller

Born to a poor sharecropper in rural Louisiana in 1905. He dropped out of school in GR 6 and at age nine started selling products door to door. At 17 his mother died leaving seven orphaned kids. He hick-hiked to Chicago in 1928 and became manager of a coal yard. Then started a cosmetics company in 1935 with 25$ raised by using his car as collateral. In 1939 he opened his own factory, and in 1947 he bought his old supplier. He did very well but had some trouble with people that didn’t like him because he was black.


Your competition will be adult tutors who are part time or full time. Some have masters degrees and others have lots of experience. Counter that with low prices. Maybe charge less for more students at once.

T-shirts and are two great options for custom shirts.

Payment systems

Square, Paypal Here, and Intuit GoPayment

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