The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Roman empire was the largest and strongest empire the world had ever known. But after many years it fell in the 4th century AD.

-The split of the empire-

The split of the empire was done to make it easier to govern, but that only worked in the short term. It was split during the reign of Diocletian. How ever the two separate rulers of the East and West would often fight over resources, territories, and troops. There were also many civil wars that further weakened the empire.

-Lack of Military Cohesion-

The Roman armies were based around using the people they conquered to fight for them. However the barbarian tribes they conquered would not fight other barbarians, because it was like fighting distant family. So the Roman armies would be dwindled every time a barbarian army fought

-Economic struggles-

Many Emperors would cause vary large inflation, and spend a lot of money. The empire was no longer rapidly expanding, so there were no resources to harvest, and the empire was again further weakened.

-Political Issues-

Later in Romes life, there was constant civil wars and overthrowing and murder of the Emperors. There were a total of 20 emperors in just 70 years. Whereas many Emperors would rule for upwards of 30 years. The empire was practically severed in to factions, and was vary unstable. Also the Emperors ruled vary poorly and would spend much money on personal pleasure and comfort.

-Moral Decline-

Rome was also weakened morally. Citizens would spend countless hours watching the disgusting, grotesque, and immoral gladiator games. Those people were not productive, and many feilds and jobs were left barren. They would also live in places like Pompei, which had no morals and was literally just a city of pleasure, and that pleasure was gained in many terrible ways. And though it was countered by the slowly rising Christians, it was not enough to reverse the damage.


After all these factors are added up, the empire stood no chance of survival. It was a house built on sand, and it was washed away. It was eventually taken by the barbarians who sacked the city of Rome. Though the Eastern Roman Empire lasted a lot longer, it fell to the same fate, just later. In total Rome the Kingdom, Republic and Empire together, lasted about 1200 years.

-Here is a quote from my lesson.

In 476 AD, a Germanic barbarian by the name of Odoacer took control of Rome. He became king of Italy and forced the last emperor of Rome, Romulus Augustulus, to give up his crown. Many historians consider this to be the end of the Roman Empire. The Eastern Roman empire continued another 1000 years.

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