Why Egyptians focus on after life, and in what ways can you see it depicted.

It is not hard to see that the ancient Egyptians cared deeply about death and afterlife. They buried their dead in tombs with things they “might need”. They created an army of statues to guard the dead. They performed elaborate mummification processes, some taking up to seventy days, with three levels of mummification standards: the bargain process for the poor, and more deluxe process for nobility and wealthy, and the royal treatment for royalty.

There are a few obvious reasons why the Egyptians put such a great emphasis on the afterlife. Life was short and difficult for the average Egyptian. The average life span was about forty years of age. Also there were very few children. The death rate of children below the age of ten was very high du to the harsh environment and animals like deadly snakes, scorpions, crocodiles, and many others. And because the death rate was so high all children where considered special and honoured. They depicted this in many of their artworks.

You could say the after life gave them a chance of an extension of the life they didn’t get. This could also explain why the ceremonies around the dead were so elaborate. Like giving them long mummification process, building large tombs and decorating them so expensively.

There religion was a big part of their obsession with the afterlife. There religion talked about how your spirit and body could be rejoined in afterlife. And there were gods that ruled over the afterlife or protected the dead. The body they said consisted of two spirits. The ka, and ba. The ka was said to be a copy of the body like a shadow and could leave the body but had to return at night. And the ba was the power of the body and it had to stay close to the body at all times.

With such focus on religion and culture in the afterlife and celebrating the dead, it’s not hard to see why the afterlife was such a big deal to the Egyptians, who in their earthly life had little to look forward to.

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